In 2012 …

Two brothers, Brooks and Evans Hammet, and Brooks’ wife, Laura, quit their day jobs to open a food truck in their home town of Destin, Florida. Taking a huge gamble by putting every penny they had into their venture, they were understandably eager to put in the hard work and make it successful. The trio have lived and traveled all over the globe—Colorado, California, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica–sculpting their unique perspective and love for food.

Burrito Del Sol started as a way to provide a type of food experience that had not yet become popular in the Florida panhandle. It was a 1968 shiny silver Airstream converted into a fully functioning kitchen serving loyal customers for an amazing year on the Destin Harbor. Mainly catering to the late night crowd, the little Airstream that could gained popularity quickly and became overwhelmed with all the support from customers. After the first summer of hard work, lots of cooking and no sleep it became clear that Burrito Del Sol had outgrown its humble beginnings in the Airstream and it was time for a bigger kitchen and a bigger staff!

In 2013 the brothers decided to set up shop in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. Just like it was in the food truck days, Burrito Del Sol is family owned and operated. At almost any time of day or night you can find either brother in the kitchen cooking or around the restaurant making improvements (unless the surf is up, of course)!

The Burrito Del Sol staff takes pride in their food with homemade salsa, guacamole, seasonings and sauces. Always wanting to challenge themselves and their customers to try different flavors and food cultures, they have an ever-changing and unique daily specials.
If you’re in the mood for a fun, relaxed, friendly and unique atmosphere with fresh, homemade food then Burrito Del Sol is the place for you!
Thank you for supporting our local business!